Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year

Since we haven't had one in awhile, I thought I would make that the title today! I am expecting a weird, yet blessed day.
I felt exhausted and worn out yesterday. I slept from 2-5:30! I didn't sleep well the night before, that's for sure, but then I had a hard time sleeping come bedtime.
In other news, what did you think of LOST? I thought it was very good, yet, I am confused if Desmond will die still or not? Its great he got to talk to Penny, but what are those clowns on the ship going to do with him and Syiad?
Its a nail biter!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

As the doggie barks

I want a dog.
"Why?" asked my boyfriend of two years.
"Because" isn't a good enough answer. I've had a dog always, since I was a little kid. Now that I've been living on my own for a few years, I miss it. I miss the companionship, the loyalty of a pet, and the feeling of being wanted. Even though that might not make a lick of sense to some, its the only way I can express my 'want' in words. Of course, this morning, over breakfast, boyfriend makes a great point: The dog might always be there for me, but will Leesmo always be there for the dog?
Good question. I want to. I also want to go on trips this summer with said boyfriend. Plus, I enjoy snuggling up to him at night, and he has made it clear that the barker won't be allowed in the crib, so to write. much as I want one, I know if I get a doogie today, my love will send me home nightly, for I have a new responsibility. Do you think he would ever let the doggie stay too? I don't think so. No matter how good I train her. (I already know I want a her).

Friday, February 15, 2008

real estate is my job

No, I'm not an investor, which is completely different. I sell real estate. I hold a license in my state as a real estate broker. What does this mean? According to one phone call today...nothing.

Dear Mr. I know it all about foreclosures:
First things first. I don't know 'what was owed' on this listing, nor does it matter. A person might have owed $52,000 on a home, and didn't pay it. They get sued, and the home is sold at a Sheriff's sale. If no one buys it, the mortgage company has to sell it, in which case they hire me. They may sell this loan to another mortgage company or asset company in bulk, along with maybe 300 other loans which were foreclosed on as well. Let's not forget about the other judgements and liens that may have accumulated -- maybe a $1900 sewer lien from not paying their water bill, a mechanic's lien for $8900 for a new roof they didn't pay for, and a judgement from Capital One for a credit card they forgot about and didn't pay back...adding another $5400 plus court costs. Add in the cost to clean out the property ($1,200), winterize and board up any broken windows/doors ($200) and pay for any utilities on a monthly basis ($100/month for possible 5 months= $500). Now let's add in my commisssion (3% for my company, 3% for the company representing the new buyer), and the asset management cut (maybe $1000). Oops...not to forget other closing costs and lawyer fees of $4,000. Now, that home that the original owners who didn't pay $52,000 has cost the mortgage company $79,606 just to break even!! So, if you only care what the previous owners "owed", your offer of $52,000 wouldn't cut it!! In fact, I bet the asking price on this particular situation would be closer to $89,900 if the appraisal justifies it----
Also, as a bank repo foreclosure specialist, I don't get a copy of the appraisal from the seller (in my case is a bank, mortgage company, or trust via an asset management company). I also do my own opinion of value on the property, as well as an updated one every month until it sells. I also get bids for repairs that I see may be needed. I am not a contractor or a home inspector. I do not test for foundation problems, mold, roof issues, or radon. I do not know how long the people before lived there, or why they didn't pay their mortgage. Guess what? Its not relevant. What is relevant, as an investor, is if this property will pay off as an investment for you. That's it. If a home is listed at $89,900 and has only been on the market for 10 days, I bet the bank will laugh at your $50,000 offer, provided you can get financed. I don't even think they would counter a cash offer at that price!!
But, if you don't believe me or my opinion (I have been dealing with foreclosures since 2004-- and I talk to the sellers and know what their minimum acceptance price is), please bother someone else, because you just sound like a waste of time to me anyways!
four years of foreclosure experience listing properties for HUD, VA, Ocwen Servicing (non-va), Litton Loan Company, Ameriquest, National Default Servicing, Citi Residential Lending, and GMAC (including Homecomings).

Ah, I feel better now! Okay, resume your friday!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

American Idol, You disappoint Me

Okay. I liked Josiah. I thought he should have gone through. I also thought they spent too much time showing him crying and saying good-bye. Everyone cried...even those who passed the audition and are in the top 24. Its sad, because he has much potential.

I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Josiah. I think he will be big!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Tiredness is Gone

Well, Its great to be back in the blogosphere-- talking about my daily life to those who miss it and read it. Who is Leesmo? On the fence somewhere between hip, mad, and eccentric, I am wondering who will read this and how far off they will be.

My first mention: American Idol last night- I would say I am an avid fan of music, but I too like certain styles and genres. I am a true Beatles girl, down to my tattoo. There were people I was rooting for, and there were people who I thought didn't deserve to go on to the final round. I am excited to see what tonight's episode brings.